Thieves use drills, makeshift tools to break into garages in homes in Pacific Heights – CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) – Neighbors in one of San Francisco’s most exclusive neighborhoods say they are hit by future thieves almost every night.

Pacific Heights resident Paul Banas says potential burglars have hit his garage eight times – twice in the last three weeks.

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Most recently, someone tried to break in by prying a vent up into the garage.

“They drill a hole in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep and it’s quiet on the street. They come with a big drill, and sometimes I actually heard it in the middle of the night,” Banas said.

He showed us examples of some of the makeshift tools he says villains often leave behind. Banas said they use them in hopes of grabbing the emergency release cords to get into the garages.

Banas has lived in his home on Vallejo Street for more than a decade.

“We never used to use our alarm, except when we went on longer vacations. We would not even think about it, and I think it has increased. We have a gate at the front of our house, and we did not even lock it. ,” he said.

He recently extended his alarm system to his detached garage and added metal tips to the top of the gate.

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“Like many other residents, we are concerned about what happens next. We believe the crime has gone from the tourists who were in the city when there were many smash-and-grabs and when the tourists disappeared over the pandemic, then they had to turn somewhere else, and now they’re going into these garages, “he said.

Neighbor Preston Raisin’s garage was hit over the weekend.

“So we’ve had two attempted burglaries, one actual burglary,” he said. “Twice they drilled holes, tried to pull in the security lock, pulled up the garage door. So we have locks inside so they can not do it. My wife’s pediatric medical bag was stolen because they came through the side door, which is pretty naughty because it means they had to jump on walls to get around our gate. ”

Raisin generally said he feels safe in Pacific Heights, where he has lived for 30 years.

“I mean, it’s the price to pay to live in the city,” he said.

Other residents shared video with KPIX 5 of people appearing to sue their property. One appears to show a man wandering around in the middle of the night in September.

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“It’s unsettling to get out in the morning or get out every morning – that’s basically what it’s become – you come out every morning and the first thing I do is look at the garage, they have hit us again? ” said Banas.


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