Thieves steal $ 250,000 in jewelry from San Francisco’s Chinatown store

SAN FRANCISCO, California (CROWN) – Hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry go away in seconds at a Chinatown store.

The search is underway to find the bandits behind this burglary.

The burglary happened at Long Boat Jewelers near Sacramento and Grant.

The owners of this jewelry store tell me they are shaken and upset over Tuesday morning’s burglary.

In fact, it’s the second time in just four days that the store has been hit.

They say the thieves were able to get in and out in less than three minutes and take off with more than a hundred thousand dollars in items.

Owners of Long Boat Jewelers in San Francisco’s Chinatown are cleaning up the damage and the broken glass while also counting their losses.

Tuesday morning, they say, thieves cut around this lock on the store gate, hammered through the front door, and left with more than $ 250,000 in goods.

“I think there are fewer physical robberies, but the robberies keep happening and even more aggressively,” Ebert Kan said.

Ebert Kan is with United Peace Collaborators, a group that has been patrolling Bay Area Asian neighborhoods since attacks on Asian Americans during the height of the pandemic.

Can say he was in the store Saturday afternoon.

“We were out here on Saturday around 12 o’clock and we saw the glass and we asked the police officers here who wrote the report, around 10 o’clock someone broke the glass and stole a few things and stole almost everything,” Kan said.

Can says he learned from SFPD officers that as many as four jewelry stores were targeted Saturday.

KRON4 has contacted SFPD for more details, but has not heard back.

The owners of the store were too shaken to speak on camera and are worried that the thieves will come back for the third time.

The owners say they were only months from retirement after 40 years.

“Almost all owners are scared. They do not know what to do. Their hands are tied. They say that if people rob them and there are no consequences,” Kan said.

They may not be alone. Can say that with rising rents, too few customers and rising crime, many landlords are seeking to shut up forever.

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