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TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – Retail owners are getting ready for a busy holiday season!

According to the Florida Retail Federation, Florida is expected to see record-breaking holiday shopping!

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At the International Plaza and Bay Street Mall, there has been a constant stream of people going in and out all day long, and it’s only a Tuesday,

The mall’s officials say they have seen a record number of shoppers in November and they expect the number to continue to rise throughout the holiday season.

Celena Dixon, a shopper at the mall, says: “When I came in, I did not know there would be so many people in the daytime. That’s why I decided to come this time because I know everyone would work, but not at all. ”

Amanda Mouzanner, another shopper, says “Especially for a Tuesday! Shouldn’t people be at work?”

No matter what day of the week it is, if you walk into the International Plaza and Bay Street Mall, you will probably see a lot of people doing their holiday shopping.

“Oh Lord, my children want Jordan, and I can not find them anywhere,” Dixon said.

As the weather gets cooler in the Tampa Bay area and people become more comfortable traveling in the pandemic, more people show up in stores.

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Brooke Verner, another shopper, says “Winter clothes for our recent trip to New York. Yes. That’s a good deal of what I bought.”

After almost two years of being in the middle of a pandemic, customers are coming out more.

“This is their chance to get shopping again. Last year because of COVID-19, many people did not get to see their family, and this year it’s a little more open, and they can, so they go all out,” he said. Mouzanner.

The mall’s marketing director, Lindsay Grinstead, says November shows record-breaking shopping compared to 2019, and she’s experiencing the increase well ahead of the normal Christmas shopping season … with last weekend looking like Black Friday.

“We were shoulder to shoulder this weekend with lines out of many of our stores,” Grinstead said.

The National and Florida Retail Federation predicts that sales from November to December will see an increase between 8.5% and 10.5% over 2020.

“We’re all trying to get back to the norm, no matter what the norm is, then we’re trying to get back to what we’m used to,” Dixon said.

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Shopping mall officials say that since they are experiencing such an increase in holiday shopping now, you may want to do your shopping a little earlier.


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