The Porsche Taycan is sporty with GTS variants

LOS ANGELES – Porsche’s first attempt at a battery-powered sports car has got off to a rolling start since it was launched on the eve of the coronavirus pandemic.

Worldwide, Porsche Taycan sold the brand’s flagship 911 sports car in the first nine months of the year. Meanwhile, in the United States, Porsche delivered 7,228 Taycans by September, surpassing deliveries throughout 2020.

Now Porsche is serving Americans more of what they want.

The automaker introduced two more sporty variants – the Taycan GTS sedan and the Taycan GTS Sport Turismo – on the eve of the Los Angeles Auto Show here.

The GTS sedan starts at $ 132,750, while the Sport Turismo long-roof version starts at $ 134,650. Both rates include a $ 1,350 shipping fee. U.S. deliveries begin in the second quarter of next year.

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