The latest Chromecast update has just made it the perfect Black Friday streaming stick

Google’s Chromecast device has just received a major quality of life update that could make it the perfect Black Friday streaming stick purchase. The update allows you to install Android TV apps from your phone, saving you the need to visit the Google Play Store on your TV.

As reported by Tom’s Guide, the new Chromecast feature is currently rolling out to devices worldwide. You know you have the update if you go to the Google Play Store on your phone, tap an app, and spot a small arrow next to the “Install” button. This presents a drop-down menu where you can choose to install the app on your Chromecast or Android TV device.

You will only see these extra options if the app you see is actually compatible with a Chromecast streaming device, so the feature does not work for absolutely everything in the store. However, it should be usable for most streaming apps, like Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video and more.

(Image credit: Google)

It seems like such a simple update that we are surprised that it has taken so long for Google to allow the installation of Android TV compatible apps via a mobile device. Users have been able to do this from the browser version of Google Play Store on PC for some time now, but the mobile always seemed like a better fit for the option.

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