Adams should remove Blas’ wax mandate now and spare companies the pain

“New York will no longer be anti-business,” Elected Mayor Eric Adams has promised. He can prove he means it, even before taking office, by announcing that he will revoke his predecessor’s adorable, anti-business vaccine mandates the moment he becomes mayor four days after the orders take effect. Lame Duck Mayor Bill de Blasio presented the … Read more

The bite must stand firm on human rights

Clearly, the domestic challenges facing President Joe Biden and Congress are large enough to receive full-time attention. They include the pandemic, rising consumer prices and the desire to strengthen our infrastructure against climate threats. But as recent days have reminded us, our international interests and humanitarian issues abroad are still a cause for concern. Rivalry … Read more

John McMullen: Tighten up, because no one makes a QB controversy like Eagles fans

If crabcakes and football are what Maryland does, you can call cheesesteaks and (quarterback) controversy Philadelphia’s jawn. Everyone should have someone who loves them as much as modern Eagles fans love their backup QBs, a role Jalen Hurts once filled as the other side of the fence to the irreconcilable differences that eventually sent Carson … Read more

Idiot Ron Klain claims the press is tougher on Biden than Trump

As a sign of how detached from reality this White House has become, President-in-Office Ron Klain urges you to consider the idea that the press is tougher on President Joe Biden than on his predecessor. Klain tweeted “for your consideration” with a link to Dana Millbank’s latest Washington Post column – warning that “the media … Read more

To protect students from the wrong things

While 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley used a semi-automatic pistol to kill four classmates at Michigan’s Oxford High School last week, I thought of a completely different kind of threat to elementary school students: books with dirty words and unpleasant stories. Recently, Gov. Greg Abbott instructed the Texas Education Agency to investigate “any criminal activity in our … Read more

Police body cams, SALT deductions, Third Track and more

Body cams: What’s wrong with the picture? I have mixed feelings about your editorial “Police reforms a good start” [Opinion, Dec. 2]. While civilian surveillance is a good idea, I’m saddened that Nassau and Suffolk counties were straining under pressure from the respective county police’s benevolent associations to pay their police officers just to wear … Read more

The power of asking questions

Bestselling author Alice Sebold warmly apologized to a man last week for mistakenly identifying him as her assailant in a 1982 rape while she was an 18-year-old freshman at Syracuse University. Anthony J. Broadwater, now 61, was serving a 16-year prison sentence for the wrongful conviction. He graciously accepted Sebold’s apology. Anthony Broadwater, 61, appears … Read more

There has been dry laughter for these disgusting Cuomo brother: Devine

The karma train comes for all of us eventually, and it has mowed the Cuomo brothers down with a delicious savagery. As the Babylon Bee put it: “Unemployment among the Cuomo brothers is rising to 100%.” Damage joy is irresistible. Like President Biden and his medical adviser Anthony Fauci, the Cuomo brothers are just two … Read more