EU seeks new powers to combat misogyny and hatred – POLITICO

Tap play to listen to this article The European Commission wants to change one of the EU’s basic texts to more vigorously combat violence against women, LGBTQ + and other minorities, according to a draft plan seen by POLITICO. The Commission will on Wednesday sign a plan to criminalize hate speech and violence through EU-wide … Read more

Man who used fake arm to avoid COVID shots says life is ‘ruined’

The man who tried to evade Italy’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate using a fake arm is a dentist who claims the ridiculous cunning has “ruined” his life, according to reports. Guido Russo, 57, had refused to get the sting before showing up Thursday at a vaccine center in Biella, where he used a silicone prosthesis during … Read more

Pope Francis condemns Europe’s migrant crisis as ‘shipwreck of civilization’ – POLITICO

LESBOS, Greece – In a visit aimed at poking Europe’s conscience, Pope Francis returned on Sunday to Lesbos, the Greek island that has come to symbolize the continent’s migration crisis. “We are in the age of the wall and barbed wire,” said the pope in a tent set up by the Mavrovouni refugee camp by … Read more

Italian dentist presents false arm to get the vaccine passed

A dentist in Italy faces possible criminal charges after trying to receive a coronavirus vaccine in a fake arm made of silicone ByAssociated Press December 4, 2021, at 19.37 • 2 min read Share on FacebookShare on TwitterEmail this article MILAN – A dentist in Italy faces possible criminal charges after trying to receive a … Read more

Right-wing extremist leaders fail to tie the knot – POLITICO

Europe’s right-wing extremist leaders continue to flirt, but are still wary of tying the knot. In Warsaw on Friday and Saturday, a gathering of the continent’s greatest nationalist, anti-immigrant and Eurosceptic politicians gathered for their latest attempt to unite in a kind of grand coalition. Some highlights on the guest list: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor … Read more

Rome Villa restored by Texas Princess auctioned – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

A villa in the heart of Rome that has the only known ceiling painted by Caravaggio is put up for auction by court order after the house was restored by its last occupants: a Texas-born princess and her late husband, a member of one of Rome’s aristocratic families. Casino dell’Aurora, also known as Villa Ludovisi, … Read more

EU accused of trying to cancel Christmas! Advice on inclusive language fell after criticism – POLITICO

Tap play to listen to this article The European Commission was forced to make a U-turn on Tuesday after its guide to internal communications was accused of trying to cancel Christmas and launch an attack on “common sense”. The 30-page guide on how to use a more gender-neutral, LGBTQ + -friendly language in the Commission … Read more

UK convenes emergency meeting of G7 health ministers to discuss Omicron variant – POLITICO

LONDON – Health ministers from the world’s richest seven democracies meet on Monday to discuss the new concern variant of coronavirus, Omicron, the British government announced on Sunday. The urgent G7 meeting, convened by the British Presidency, will discuss developments in the spread of Omicron, the government said in a statement. South Africa warned the … Read more

Apple was fined $ 11 million in Italy for using ‘aggressive methods’ for commercial use of private data

Apple and Google were today fined 10 million euros ($ 11 million) by the Italian competition authority for allegedly using user data for commercial purposes without their express consent, an apparent violation of Italy’s consumer law. The authority claims that both Apple and Google use user data they collect through their services for promotional and … Read more