Things to do: DEM celebrates album release at Continental Club

DEM has kept it down and represented Houston’s small but mighty reggae community since 2016. During the lockdown, the band sat down to record their first album and are now celebrating the release of their first full-length album, Forward Always, on Splice Records with an entire evening of performances on Saturday, December 4 at The … Read more

Things to do: Red Bull SoundClash The Suffers And Tank And The Bangas

There can be great benefits to a small friendly competition as the participants get the energy to mock their respected competitors. This will definitely be the case at the Red Bull SoundClash event, which takes place on Thursday, December 2 at the Bayou Music Center, where Houston’s The Suffers will compete against Louisiana’s Tank and … Read more

Things to do: Ancient Cat Society publishes singles and performs

Just as COVID began shutting everything down in 2020, Splice Records artist Ancient Cat Society was on its way into the studio. Now the band is ready to lock listeners into their new album, which will be released next year, with the release of their first singles “City Breathes” and “Out Of My Mind”. The … Read more

Things to do: Garrett T. Capps at the Continental Club

Texas has always been fertile ground for storytelling songwriters and cosmic cowboys who seem to be able to bring all kinds of people together for a good song and a good time. San Antonio’s Garrett T. Capps fits right into this beloved Texas tradition. Capps will perform on Friday, November 19 at The Continental Club … Read more

Things to do: Jackie Venson at Rockefeller’s Houston

For Austin-based artist Jackie Venson, the past year has been a whirlwind of creation as she released five albums in one year (two studios and three live), brought attention to and directly challenged the lack of diversity in the lineup in the long run. race. Blues On The Green in its hometown and maintained a … Read more