Your brain is an energy efficient ‘prediction machine’

How our brain, a three-pound mass of tissue encapsulated in a bone skull, creating perceptions from sensations is a long-standing mystery. Abundant evidence and decades of ongoing research suggest that the brain cannot simply gather sensory information, as if it were putting together a puzzle, to perceive its surroundings. This is confirmed by the fact … Read more

Remembering incorrectly can actually be a sign that your memory is functioning optimally

When I was asked the other day about a bakery near my home, I replied that I had recently eaten its mouth-watering chocolate cakes. My wife corrected me and noticed that the cookies I ate were actually oatmeal raisins. Why did I make this memory error? Is this an early sign of impending dementia? Should … Read more

Researchers want to restore ‘good noise’ in older brains

To intercept a brain, is one of the best tools that neuroscientists have, the fMRI scan, which helps to map the blood flow and therefore the increases in oxygen that occur when a particular brain region is used. It reveals a noisy world. Blood oxygen levels vary from moment to moment, but these peaks never … Read more