Supplies flow more freely to Apple, reducing how long you have to wait for your new iPhone

Apple has lacked iPhone 13 devices to ship thanks to the global chip shortage. As a result, the tech company has reportedly cut production of the iPad by up to 50% to use the chips for more popular iPhone models.

Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty says the supply chain is working its way back to normal for Apple

For example, the powerful A15 Bionic chipset, built using TSMC’s enhanced 5nm process node, is used to power the sixth generation iPad mini. This is the same chip (which employs 15 billion transistors) that is used for the iPhone 13 series. Each iPad mini 6 tablet that is not built stores an A15 Bionic chipset that can be used to produce an iPhone 13 handset that delivers a larger profit to Apple.

So Apple does not have to worry about the demand for the new iPhone models as much as the supply. But according to Looking for Alpha, the supply is slowly working back to normal levels. And the timing couldn’t be better for Apple with Black Friday officially starting tomorrow. Promised delivery dates for iPhone 13 Pro Max.
Morgan Stanley’s technology analyst Katy Huberty says there are signs that things have stabilized over the past many weeks. Huberty says: “Recent checks indicate delivery of power management ICs [integrated circuits, or microchips] and world-facing camera modules for the iPhone 13 Pro [and] “Pro Max is improving,” Huberty said.[This is] indicating that iPhone builds are likely to improve sequentially in November and December. “

This news could help Apple cover some of the $ 6 billion in revenue it lost during the fourth quarter due to a lack of supply chain. And that shortfall could be even greater in the current quarter, making it more important for Apple to get its iPhone production on track. During last year’s holiday quarter (which is Apple’s first accounting quarter), iPhone sales accounted for 59% of Apple’s revenue.

Apple iPhone delivery times have dropped

As of last Tuesday, November 23, delivery times for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max weighed in at 19.5 days. Delivery time measures how long it takes from the time an iPhone is ordered until it is delivered. 67 days since Apple began accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 13 series, the delivery time is “the second largest of all[iPhonemodelpageslastfiveyears”[iPhonemodelin[iPhone-modelleridesidstefemår”[iPhonemodelsinthelastfiveyears”

The good news is that the delivery time for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max has dropped by seven days since the beginning of November. The analyst says the delivery dates are also falling for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini.

In addition to improving delivery times, JP Morgan analyst Samik Chatterjee said earlier this week that there are signs that Apple last month shipped a record number of iPhone devices to China. The information leads Huberty to state that “All of this contributes to our perception that October iPhone data was negatively skewed by production headwinds. Data for the month of November should show an improvement over the season compared to October.”

There are good reasons to upgrade to an iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max

Why do you need to upgrade from iPhone 12 to iPhone 13? There are several good reasons. One is larger capacity batteries that lead to longer battery life. The ProMotion screen is also used on the iPhone 13 Pro models, which update the screen 120 times per second. This provides smooth rolling, enhanced transitions and enhanced animations.

The cinematic mode uses what the big shots in the film industry call rack focus. It shifts focus between two subjects so that one is sharp and the other blurred (similar to the bokeh effect) and then shifts back the other way. You will feel like the next Spielberg by using this feature. If you are into making movies, this feature is a good reason to upgrade.

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