Samsung Galaxy S22 will be crushed by iPhones if these leaked benchmarks are right

The latest reported benchmarks for the Samsung Galaxy S22 make the latest Snapdragon 989 chipset sound disappointing.

Benchmarks, which were discovered on Geekbench by Aroged, shows an overall score of 1,163 on the single-core test, with 2,728 on the multi-core test. Compared to last year’s Galaxy S21 Plus, the single-core score has improved, but the multi-core results are somewhat lower than the 3,300 score that the S21 Plus was able to achieve.

Samsung Galaxy S22 benchmarks compared to iPhone 13 Pro Max

Image source: Apple Inc

The upcoming Samsung flagship looks to be overwhelming compared to the latest iPhone. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is considered the most powerful phone on the market right now, after scoring 1,720 in single-core and 4,549 in multi-core testing. Based on the benchmarks we are seeing right now; Samsung still has a lot of work to do if the company wants to beat Apple’s performance.

Benchmarks also revealed that the S22 model here runs 8GB of RAM. That’s the same amount of RAM as last year’s S21 Plus. It’s interesting to see such a big difference in its overall performance so far.

Of course, it is important to note that these benchmarks are from a pre-release device. The device may still be awaiting optimizations and updates before its full release. Samsung is also planning to launch a version of the S22 with its Exynos 2200 chipset. It is possible that the chip may provide a performance advantage over the iPhone. No benchmarks for an S22 running as SoC has emerged yet, however.

Galaxy S22 benchmarks could be improved

Google Pixel 6
Android 12 runs on Google Pixel 6 phones. Image source: Google

But the Galaxy S22 is not just being beaten by the iPhone. As mentioned above, the multi-core scores for S21 Plus rated higher than S22. Likewise, benchmarks from OnePlus 9 Pro run correspondingly higher in multi-core scores. That phone scored 1,126 in single-core and 3,685 in multi-core. This device included the Snapdragon 888, where the new S22 will run a Snapdragon 898.

However, the results we are seeing right now are from an early unit, and technicians expect these numbers to be higher than the previous generation once release benchmarks arrive. Although Samsung manages to optimize performance and improve the S22’s benchmarks, it’s unlikely to beat the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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