Prestashop Marketplace Live Message {User-Guide}

Prestashop Marketplace Live Notification allows you to notify salespeople of various events. Show a message line in the store to let sellers know when their products are sold, approved, added to wish list, etc.

Features of Prestashop Marketplace Live Notification

  • Let the seller know when his product is sold.
  • A message appears below the seller’s product approval bar.
  • Notify salespeople when customers comment on their products.
  • A notification appears below the bar when a customer submits a review on the seller’s profile page.
  • Notify sellers when customers add them to “My Favorite Seller” list.
  • Notify sellers when customers add their products to wishlist.
  • Configure the message to appear below the message bar for specific events.

How to install Prestashop Marketplace Live Notification

To install this module, you must first install the Prestashop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace module.

  • First go to the module administrator in the back office and click on ‘upload a module’.
  • Then drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system
  • In this way, the module installation is successful.
Installation of Marketplace Subscription Products
Installation of marketplace subscription products
Installation of marketplace subscription products

Module configuration

After installing the module, configure it.


During configuration, admin can select various events for which he wants to display messages at the end of the seller. Admin can also configure the notification message for the specific event.

Selling item sold

If set to YES, a message will be displayed to the seller upon sale of the product.

After installation, a notification icon will be available at the top right of the Sellers website. By clicking on this icon, salespeople can see the notifications about the events enabled by admin from backoffice.


When a customer buys the seller’s product, a message appears as shown on the screen below.


Seller item approved

This option lets you choose whether you want to display a message to the seller about the approval of his products.

Suppose a salesperson has added a new product from his panel. If the product is in standby mode, no message is displayed below the bar.


When the administrator approves the product, the message is immediately displayed below the bar.


Seller Added in favorite

When a customer adds a salesperson to their preferred salesperson list, a message about the same is displayed to the salesperson if this field is set to YES.

Please note that in order to view this message, the administrator must first install the Prestashop Marketplace Favorite Seller module.


Product comment

When a customer adds a comment to the seller’s product, the message about the same is displayed below the bar if this option is set to YES.


Seller review

Enable this field to display the message to the seller each time a customer submits a review to the seller on the seller’s profile page.


Product request

When a customer adds the seller’s product to their wish list, a message is displayed below the bar as shown in the screenshot below.


Please note that the wish list function is only available in Prestashop

It’s all about the Prestashop MarketplaceLive Notification Module. I hope this document will help you better check the functionality of the module. Also tell us about your views in the comments.


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Current product version – 5.0.0

Supported Frame Version – 1.7.xx

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