Kyle Rittenhouse trial live: Jury returns for second day

Watch live as the Kyle Rittenhouse jury begins to consider

The murder case against Kyle Rittenhouse is set to resume Wednesday morning with the 12 jurors who will decide his fate from their second day of deliberations.

The pool of 18 jurors who heard two weeks of testimony was narrowed down to a dozen via a random lottery-like raffle.

Meanwhile, concerns are mounting about the broader signals an acquittal could send, which some fear could lead to an increase in dangerous encounters.

Sir. Rittenhouse, 18, faces five charges of shooting three men during a night of protests and riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on August 25, 2020. The most serious charges are first-degree murder for the deaths of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber.

Both sides provided closing arguments on Monday, with prosecutors condemning Mr Rittenhouse for “bringing a gun to a fist blow”.

Prosecutor Thomas Binger began his concluding argument by branding Mr. Rittenhouse as “the only killer” that night, dismissing the self-defense argument, saying, “You can not invoke self-defense against a danger you create.”

In closing, defense attorney Mark Richards accused Mr. Binger of “lying” and told the jury, “This case is not a game. This is my client’s life.”

The city of Kenosha is preparing for unrest in the wake of the verdict, with Wisconsin governor Tony Evers putting 500 National Guard troops on standby.

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Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: The most surreal moments from the defendant’s sob to the judge’s ‘Asian food’ joke

As Kyle Rittenhouse stands trial for shooting three men – two deadly – in a protest last fall, viewers have come to expect the unexpected after a series of dramatic scenes inside the courtroom in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Some of the most memorable moments have been centered around Judge Bruce Schroeder, who made it clear early on that he is not afraid to raise his voice or interrupt a lawyer he perceives as being too long to get to the case.

Judge Schroeder has drawn attention away from the defendant on several occasions, including when he triggered a vicious reprimand by the prosecution, questioned the reliability of Apple’s camera technology, flipped through a cookie catalog during a break, and made a harmless joke about “Asian food. “.

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Protesters clash outside the courthouse

In a video recorded by Fox News, protesters can be seen colliding outside the courthouse.

Eleanor SlyNovember 17, 2021 10:44


Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: Prosecutors use fight scene from Patrick Swayze’s film Road House as closing argument

Prosecutors in the Kyle Rittenhouse case inserted a bit of pop culture in their closing statement on Monday by showing the court a picture from the 1989 action film Road house with Patrick Swayze in the lead role.

The image, which shows Mr Swayze’s character Dalton preparing to fight his rival Jimmy (Marshall Teague) in a bar, was intended to underscore the state’s argument that Mr Rittenhouse “brought a gun to a fist fight”.

“Now the defense will have you believe that Joseph Rosenbaum was there to attack the defendant,” prosecutor Thomas Binger told the jury.

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At that moment Kyle Rittenhouse chose his jury of 12

Kyle Rittenhouse selected his jury out of a raffle drum and reduced the 18 jurors to a total of 12.

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Kyle Rittenhouse: What are the charges in the Kenosha shooting case?

A jury is considering the verdict in the double murder trial against Kyle Rittenhouse, who fatally shot two men and wounded another in the wake of protests against police violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year, and will consider a series of charges against him.

During the two-week trial, jurors reviewed more than a dozen videos, including livestreams from that night, of an interview Mr. Rittenhouse gave moments before firing his gun, body camera footage and aerial video from the FBI.

Juries also heard testimony from police, people who witnessed the shootings, as well as the only survivor, street doctor Gaige Grosskreutz and Mr Rittenhouse himself.

Alex Woodward explains more here:

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Concerns about signals of an acquittal can send around gun laws

The upcoming verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder case for having shot three men comes amid deep political divisions and expanded access to weapons across the United States, which some fear could lead to more dangerous encounters.

The 18-year-old said he shot in self-defense, but prosecutors say he started the deadly chain of events by traveling from his home in nearby Illinois with an AR-style semi-automatic rifle.

Although legal experts have said Rittenhouse has a strong argument for self-defense, some are concerned about the broader signal an acquittal can send.

“It’s easy to see how an acquittal can send the message that there are no consequences to showing up armed, wherever you want, and when situations escalate, you hit the trigger and get away with it,” he says. Nick Suplina, senior vice president of law and politics at Everytown for Gun Safety.

The case is where many other states are extending self-defense laws and loosening the licensing requirements to carry weapons in public. In fact, both arms sales and gun violence have been on the rise.

Eleanor SlyNovember 17, 2021 9:01 AM


Juries return to court after no decision has been made

Juries are set to return to the courthouse on Wednesday for another day of hearings in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse.

The jury of 12 debated all day Tuesday, but did not reach a decision.

Several of the jury members appeared to be tired as they entered the courtroom on Tuesday night before handcuffing that they were ready to go home.

The case went to an anonymous jury of 12, from the original 18. Members of the jury were chosen by lottery, after Judge Bruce Schroeder unusually allowed Rittenhouse himself to play a minor role and select the final panel.

Rittenhouse reached into a drum and pulled out numbered banknotes that decided which of the 18 jurors would consider and which would be rejected.

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Governor once again urges people to ‘respect the Kenosha community’

The governor of Wisconsin again asked those who wanted to demonstrate to make it “safe.”

He wrote on Twitter: “Please respect the Kenosha community and their efforts to come together. I ask all those who choose to rally and exercise their rights to the first amendment in any community to make it safe and peaceful.”

Before I later added, “Whatever the outcome of this case, I call for peace in Kenosha and throughout our state.”

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How long does the jury take to reach a verdict?

Jury proceedings can take anywhere between a few minutes and a few months with no time limit.

In most U.S. states and all federal courts, the jury must reach a unanimous decision, which means the hearings can sometimes take months.

The 12 jurors selected for the Rittenhouse trial were selected from a pool of 18. Judge Schroeder confirmed that the trial of the defendant who was selected by the jury to eliminate the jurors is a tradition he has had in his courtroom in 20 years.

Judge Schroeder said it is not a Kenosha County tradition, though he believes it has been taken over by others.

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Protesters, including the controversial Republican candidate, stand outside the courthouse

A crowd gathered outside the courthouse while deliberations continue on Kyle Rittenhouse’s long-awaited verdict. Some people supported the 18-year-old accused and others were against.

Among dozens of people were Republican Mark McCloskey, a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Missouri, and his wife, Patricia, both in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Monday and Tuesday to show support for Mr. Rittenhouse.

The McCloskey family gained national attention after waving weapons at protesters against racial injustice who marched in their closed St. Louis subdivision last summer.

Mark McCloskey compared himself to Mr Rittenhouse, saying they had both been prosecuted and defended themselves against an “angry mob”.

Here’s more from scenes outside the court:

Senate candidate McCloskey shows support for Rittenhouse

Republican Mark McCloskey, a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Missouri, has been photographed outside the courthouse where Kyle Rittenhouse was charged with the murder of two people who flashed a sign associated with white supremacists.

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