javascript – why my scss in vue js 2 does not load correctly when the router pushes to another page

i have scss file where i put on assets/css/flexbox.scss where the css is like this:

.do-flex {
  display: flex;

.do-flex-col {
  display: flex;
  flex-direction: column;

then I use them on page About.vue with route ‘/ about’ like this:

       <div class="do-flex">
           something here .....

 some codes here......

<style lang="scss" scoped> 
@import "../../assets/css/flexbox.scss";

when I am on the website I have a trigger where I have to press the button to approx this.$router.push("/about")

the class do-flex is not rendered correctly and I have similar class on another component which has the same name do-flex but different style and do not use assets/css/flexbox.scss, unlike above, so it do-flex does not use the style of assets/css/flexbox.scss for component About.vue ,

there is something wrong with superfluous naming class? because I do scoped thought of the style About.vue

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