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Our times are ruled by emojis that are more common than ever in all types of texting, it only makes sense to branch out further to sign up for an emoji domain because of their simplified pictorial nature that defies all language barriers. Emoji’s are small graphic images that are widely distributed across electronic media and include smiley faces, actions, everyday household items, hand gestures, etc. Such emoji’s make communication more enjoyable, faster and much more fun as they are universal, supported on all social platforms, and help reduce the generation gap.

Various companies like Coca-Cola have also adopted this model and recently used this as a marketing technique. A domain name with an emoji is easier to remember, creating a broader effect. This article will highlight how to get your own emoji domain so you can have the coolest domain name around your niche and get access to it faster.

How To Get Your Own Emoji Domain With Website Roof

Step 1: Choose your emoji

The first step to take when registration of an emoji domain is to decide which emoji to choose. This can include your favorite emoji or an emoji that makes sense with the kind of domain you are looking for. For example, if you sign up for one emoji domain for a company that sells sandwiches, the ideal emoji could include a sandwich emoji. 🌐, ❤, 🌳, ☕ etc.

A common problem most people experience is the hassle of finding an emoji keyboard on their desktops; for this includes a simple solution online emoji keyboards that can be easily found. Alternatively, check out Look for your emoji on the online keyboard and proceed to the next step.

How to get your own Emoji domain with websiteroof-websiteroof

Step 2: Convert the emoji to

The next step is to convert your emoji to Punycode, which refers to the code behind the emoji. This can help make one emoji url easier, as domain registrars do not support image emojis, but their Latin representation. Emojis can be converted to Punycode using Another easy alternative is to open your web browser, enter your chosen emoji and follow it with a .abc without spaces. This will instantly convert your emoji to its Punycode. That hyphen in a domain name is not a cause for concern as it is the converted emoji and save this code for later.

Step 3: Register your domain name

The next step is signing up for yours emoji domain name. where you can insert the Puny code with hyphen in a domain name and check its availability. If it’s available, you’re good to go, and if not, choose another emoji for your domain name. With websiteroof domain registration, simply paste the emoji code into the domain search box.

How To Get Your Own Emoji Domain With Website Roof

Step 4: Enjoy your new emoji domain

Now that you have registered a new emoji domain, the next step is to circulate it among interested parties and get to work! These emoji domains will instantly make you a force to be reckoned with in the market; with an easy to remember domain name, the world is your oyster!


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