How has the pandemic affected companies to hire differently?

Do you remember the times we wished our bosses would send us an email instead of making us wake up early for a meeting that deserved to be an email? Well, these desires are now a reality and obviously work well for everyone. When a worldwide shutdown began in March 2020, companies had no idea what was in store for them and developing countries had no idea of ​​their technological potential.

By the time CEOs of multimillion-dollar companies began operating everything near their four-walled, air-conditioned rooms, the sight of a changed status quo was not far off. While some companies were frozen and had to cut back on their labor, the e-commerce and communications industry was ready to have more labor on board. The most affected by this was the recruitment and recruitment culture.

It was not long ago when we saw the economy class of all aircraft full of MBA aspirants who wanted to secure positions in the most prestigious companies of nations across the globe. However, it has now been replaced by Zoom waiting rooms full to capacity and top engineers sitting at their desks trying to figure out the new technology to put their best foot on their interviews through a screen. Covid-19 not only helped people save on their airfare for interviews, but made recruiting for companies a global project. A Mumbai-based company no longer needs a resident of Maharashtra to work for them, but has spread its availability to a freelancer sitting in a Starbucks on Connaught Place. Now that companies know that it is not an impossibility to work remotely, more people will be willing to work from home as they continue to take care of their loved ones.

What is surprising is that this temporary change may have just come to stay as it continues to form a mutually beneficial relationship between those who want to hire and those who want to earn a living. Virtual recruitment was perhaps just what was missing in the bustle culture all the while.

However, everything has two sides to it, and virtual recruitment is not as easy for everyone.

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