Facebook’s Researcher API is starting to work in Early Access status

At this year’s F8 conference, Facebook announced that they would release a new Researcher API which aims to streamline access to Platform data for users who want to use the data for the purpose of promoting academic research. This week, the API will indicate availability for the first official partners.

When the API was first announced, Wendell Santos (one of ProgrammableWeb’s editors) wrote about the relevance of this new API in light of Facebook’s previous privacy violations:

“As part of the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica crisis, Facebook made several changes to its APIs, including revoking access to some and abolishing many more. While the stated goal was to help protect users’ data, the sudden breakthrough changes put developers in squeezing and preventing legitimate research on the platform. The Researcher API will give researchers access to some of the previously lost data. “

Currently, the list of researchers who have access to this API is extremely small, and Facebook promises to expand access sometime in early 2022.

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