Exciting new tools for designers, November 2021

As the holidays approach with rapid strides, there are plenty of fun gifts for you in this collection of new tools and resources for web designers. Be sure to share everything you find useful with others to spread extra Christmas cheer.

Here’s what’s new for designers this month …


Volleyball, which bills itself as Snapchat for work, is a new way to collaborate with external teams. The tool solves the two main problems of remote control (lack of communication and loneliness) with an asynchronous video messaging app with interactive transcripts that are nicely organized in work areas. Volleyball emphasizes speaking rather than writing (76% of the salvo sent is video), does not require you to coordinate schedules (it is 100% asynchronous), and lives in a threaded conversation with context that is nicely organized. In addition, the tool is free to use.


Upnext is a new type of reading list. It’s designed to help you store, organize and focus on great content as you expand your knowledge of your favorite topics. You can create playlists with almost any type of content that you can refer to later and follow “thinkers” that you love. Search and filter content, focus on reading, embed videos, and even highlight and note specific content in your custom library. This brand new web app has a waiting list that you can sign up for soon access.

Start-up 5

Startup 5 is a new version of the popular website builder and it is a perfect tool for creating your online presence. With Startup, getting your business online with pre-designed blocks is quick and easy. It includes a 150+ block visual editor with pre-designed and pre-coded elements and styles that you can easily customize in a drag and drop interface. It is an easy tool to quickly build a website without a coding background. Most users can publish a website quickly and easily.


Flatmap generates Mapbox Vector Tiles from geographic data sources such as OpenStreetMap. It is memory efficient, so you can build a world map in a matter of hours on a single machine without any external tools or database. Vector tiles contain raw point, line, and polygon geometries that clients like MapLibre can use to render custom maps in the browser, native apps, or server. Flatmap packages tiles into an MBTiles (SQLite) file that can be served using tools like TileServer GL or even queried directly from the browser.


Cleanup.Pictures is a web-based tool for removing objects, people, text or other defects from your images before using them in projects. It is an AI-based alternative to other photo editing software.


Linkz.ai helps you create smart pop-ups to preview links to your site to help encourage greater engagement and interaction for links. It works with a code line that you can install quickly and easily, and then you get smart link previews (in two style options) for each link on your site.


Llline is an SVG generator that helps you create smooth and organic lines and strokes with lots of customization options for almost any application. This tool helps create graphic elements with just a few clicks so you can add a few dots to a canvas and then draw a smooth curve using those dots. You can then adjust the resulting SVG graphic by rotating it, changing its color, giving it a gradient, turning it into a dotted line, and then you can download or copy the SVG selection.


Lorem.Space is a valuable placeholder imaging tool. With just a little bit of code, you can display cool placeholder images – from movie posters to shoes – directly into your website mockup, making the design easier to visualize. It’s a great solution that is fun and keeps you from having to put empty boxes throughout the design. And everything can be randomized so you do not spend time looking for placeholders.


Huetone can help you create more accessible color palettes by using the Advanced Perceptual Contrast Algorithm. The contrast ratios and color combinations are displayed on one screen to help you quickly develop palettes and combinations. Plus, the tool has shortcut keys that make it easy to change shades, change and adjust quickly. Then you can export everything to Figma.


Rowy is an open source tool for building on the Google Cloud Platform. You can manage Firestore data in a spreadsheet-style user interface, type Cloud features into the browser, and connect to third-party platforms.


AdCreative.ai uses artificial intelligence to help create better advertising material. To get started, upload logos and color files, link social and other accounts, select the sizes you need, type text, select a background, and upload product images, and let the AI ​​do the work. Once you have the creative material you like, you can connect to your online advertising accounts for easy use. This is a premium tool that is free to try.


Flowrift is a tool for browsing and then copying and customizing Tailwind CSS blocks into groups of collections. Filter by block type and then experiment with the options. It even has e-commerce blocks.

Layout patterns

Layout patterns are a collection of layout patterns built using modern CSS APIs to help you build common interfaces such as maps, dynamic grid areas, and full-page layouts.


You.com is a new private search engine that summarizes the web. The tool is in open beta and includes superior privacy choices, actionable results, scalability options, and personalization through preferred sources.

3D icons

3D Icons is a fun set of three-dimensional, full-color icons that are free for all purposes. (Donations are accepted.) They integrate with just about any web design tool you use, and come in four color styles – gradient, color and premium – so you can get just the right look for your project. Each icon also includes three rendering views – dynamic, side and isometric.

Arco Design

Arco Design is a comprehensive React UI component library based on the Arco Design system. It includes a customizable theme and more than 60 designed components that you can use out of the box.


Seekvectors.com is a search tool for finding free resources in five different formats, PNG, SVG, JPG, EPS and AI.

Outline for single strokes

Outline to Single Stroke is a tool in the Figma community that works just as the name suggests. Select a filled vector on the canvas and then you can sketch it for a single line and adjust the line weight if you want.


Codeamigo is a new platform at your own pace that helps you learn coding skills. It is packed with different lessons for different languages ​​and templates and has something for every level from beginner to advanced.

To say

Sizze is a Figma to React Native export tool for creating app prototypes and instantly exporting to code.


CodingFont is an excellent game that can help you choose a font you like for coding! If you spend a lot of time looking at code every day, the right font can help reduce eye strain and make work a little easier to see.

Christmas show

Christmas Revy is the first in a trio of holiday fonts that you can use this season. This SCG color font is fun and perfect for the holidays with exciting glyphs. It’s free for personal use only.

Warm snow

Hotsnow is a fun display font that has interesting fills and shapes in a capital letter set. It’s free for personal use.


Marlwich is a feminine handwriting font that has the feel of signing a holiday letter or card. It contains uppercase and lowercase letters and is for free non-commercial use only. (A paid option is available for commercial projects.)


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