Elementor Research finds “web creators” in high demand

People who are paid to develop and design websites are busier than ever because of the business value that secure, stable and aesthetically pleasing websites can deliver

Elementor, the leading platform for creating open source websites, has conducted a study on website design and development. The online survey, conducted in October in collaboration with getWizer, included over 1,000 people who identified themselves as a “web creator,” whom the survey defined as anyone being paid to develop or design websites. Elementor has also launched a creative campaign in support of Web Creators. A video announcing the campaign can be found here.

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Website design and development is one of the most lucrative industries in our modern society. The industry of professionals who create websites plays an important role in making new information available to people all over the world every single day. And companies around the world rely on web professionals for business-critical services such as website design, content development, web server management and network security configuration and, of course, e-commerce development.

According to Web FX, slow-loading sites lead to a $ 2.6 billion loss in revenue each year, and SWEOR says 88% of online consumers will not return to a site after a bad experience. Blue Corona says 48% of people cited website design as the most important factor in a company’s credibility decision, and IronPaper found that eight out of 10 consumers would stop engaging in content that does not appear well on their device.

Elementor, whose platform has been used to create over nine million websites to date, pursued its research with the goal of understanding how web creators respond to these trends.

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Perhaps not surprisingly, Elementor identified a thriving market for website creators, especially among Millennials and Gen Z workers. 55% of Millennials said they rely on website creation as their full-time job compared to a much lower rate among Baby Boomers (19%), who said they are more likely to design websites in their spare time.

Meanwhile, 67% of web professionals surveyed by Elementor said they have been experiencing growth in their business since the pandemic began, and 77% said they expect the field of web design and development to continue to grow in over the next five years. In addition, 70% said they feel there is more competition in the field compared to a year ago.

Website creators also seem to be proud of their work. 78% of web professionals surveyed said they were proud to identify as such, and 80% said their families supported their career choices.

“This study is consistent with the feedback we get from our users, which is that their businesses are booming because it has never been more important for their customers to have a stable, secure and beautiful website,” said Yam Regev, VP Marketing at Elementor . “Website creation is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today and we are proud to be one of the companies that run it.”

“From the early days of the Internet, it was the website creators who built a new world we could inhabit online,” Regev said. “At Elementor, we believe it’s time for this vital workforce to take center stage and be proud of their profession and the tremendous impact they have on the world. We want to praise, inspire and strengthen these powerhouses.”

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