Houston traffic: 2 18-wheel accidents, including one with the wrong road driver, slow down I-10 commuters in Waller County

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – Two accidents involving 18-wheel engines, including one authorities say were caused by a wrong road driver, could cause problems for I-10 commuters in Waller County. A crash was reported around 1:30 a.m. on I-10 at Peach Ridge after a pickup driver on the wrong road crashed into an 18-wheel drive engine, … Read more

Motorcyclist dies after collision with van in Hempstead, police say

A motorcyclist died of injuries in a collision with a van in Hempstead Tuesday night, Nassau police said. The motorcyclist was heading north along Main Street, according to police; The 2001 Ford, who was not injured and remained on the scene, traveled east on Jackson Street. Taken to a hospital after the accident at approx. … Read more

Cerebral, which provides app-based counseling, medication and mental health services, is raising $ 300 million for a valuation of $ 4.8 billion. USD led by Vision Fund 2 (Gillian Tan / Bloomberg)

French finance super app Lydia raises $ 100 million Series C series to a value of $ 1 billion – Just a few weeks after the announcement of stock and crypto trading, the French fintech startup Lydia announces that it has raised a series C round of $ 100 million. With this round of funding, … Read more

How to unlock an Android phone without a password

Android offers many options for securing your device, including a pattern, password, pin and other options like face recognition and fingerprint. However, there are occasions where you can forget your password if you choose to unlock your phone without biometrics. There are a few reasons why this may occur, and a few examples are: you … Read more

11 Best TikTok Viral Gifts That Are Actually Worth It (2021)

“I saw it at TikTok. ” You’ve probably heard someone say that this year. Maybe you said it yourself. The popular app started as a platform for creative dance routines, quick sketches and memes, but it has quickly turned into a catalog of shopping recommendations. But can you trust a viral TikTok product rave? Or … Read more

Stop closing apps on your Android phone

Primakov / Shutterstock.com Since its birth, Android has had to deal with a major misunderstanding. Some phone manufacturers have even helped perpetuate this myth. The truth is, you do not have to kill Android apps. In fact, closing apps can make things worse. It is unclear where this idea came from, but it has been … Read more

Boris Johnson wants to impose new restrictions in the UK to slow down the spread of Omicron

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to announce new restrictions in the UK to curb the spread of the Omicron coronavirus variant as he faces new questions about parties being held in Downing Street last Christmas. Three senior Whitehall officials told the Financial Times that the government had decided to implement the so-called Plan … Read more