Are you buying a Google Pixel 6 for Black Friday? This deal is better than Google’s own sales

Google’s Pixel 6 is a winner.

Patrick Holland / CNET

Hoping to get a deal on Google Pixel 6 telephone? It’s worth going in search of one Black Friday Sale: Google Phone is a CNET Editors’ Choice Award winner.

Google itself has a Pixel for sale in its store, but that’s it Pixel 5A for $ 50 off, not Pixel 6, which the search giant sells for $ 599 unlocked.

Pixel 6 has new camera hardware and has wide and ultra-wide lenses as well as the nice ones Magic Eraser tool in Google Photos, which can remove unwanted objects – and people – from your photos. “I can not think of a better phone to recommend” for the price, CNET’s Patrick Holland said in his review
. Here’s what we know about Pixel 6 sales for Black Friday if you want to save money on an already affordable phone.

Best Buys Pixel 6 Black Friday Sale

ONE 549 $ 128 GB Pixel 6 is available at Best Buy, only for Verizon and T-Mobile customers if you activate when you make a purchase. It’s $ 50 cheaper than you can find anywhere else.

Best Buy had Pixel 6 for sale for $ 499, but the price was for a new line or account, not an upgrade. And right now it’s sold out.


With the Pixel 6, the crown jewel of Google’s Android phones – its cameras – got upgraded lenses and hardware that are more premium.

Targets Pixel 6 Black Friday Sale

Target had the Pixel 6 up for sale on November 21 with an early Black Friday deal – bringing $ 50 of the 128GB phone to $ 549. But right now the phone is sold out on Target’s site.

The price was for the unlocked version, which means there are no special requirements or a fixed carrier, making this a great deal if you want to upgrade. It also means that it does not support mmWave. Only the Verizon and AT&T versions handle that taste of 5G.


This year’s Pixel phone features Google’s own Tensor chip, which delivers fast, smooth performance and all-day battery life. Improvements in chip security keep your data secure. It is also unlocked to be compatible with all major providers.

For now there is no news about Pixel 6 Pro get a Black Friday price reduction, but we will post all the latest news on Black Friday deals on the Pixel series here, so check back.

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