A Grubhub Guide to Hell’s Kitchen Eating

Now that we’re deep into New York City’s fall and the city’s back is open in a way that seemed almost unmanageable not so long ago, New Yorkers can keep the party going, even if it means ordering in, with Grubhub! Delivery has just gotten even better with the Grubhub guarantee – get your food delivered on time and at the lowest price, guaranteed, otherwise Grubhub does it right.

Gothamist and Grubhub team up to celebrate amazing restaurants that, whether a few blocks from your place or a bike ride away, are NYC favorites that we think you’ll love too.

There are several competing origin stories about how Hell’s Kitchen got its name – one of which involves Davy Crocket of all people – but whatever you think, we can all agree that the neighborhood is not actively earning its name these days. Lots of new housing development, quick access to the vast Hudson River Park and a thriving LGBTQ + community have made the area on the west side of Manhattan an appealing opportunity for young professionals and families.

Plus, of course, there are rows and rows of restaurants and bars on the neighborhood’s busy avenues. Some of these exist solely to lure tourists from the Broadway Theater District and Times Square – and as such have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic – but most of the countless eateries in Hell’s Kitchen, especially in the ’50s, are small businesses. , who are eager to serve the locals.

The range of cuisines readily available around here right now is exceptional, from a dozen Thai places on Ninth Avenue alone to Peruvian, Colombian and Cuban comfort food, hearty Uzbek and Afghan food, some of the city’s best Japanese ramen, Mexican food, and of course lots of pizza. Here is a quick look at a couple of the Hell’s Kitchen restaurants we like best, all of which, if you just want to stay home and have fun tonight, are happy to deliver right to your door via Grubhub.

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