7 account-based marketing tips for Q4


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Q4 for B2B marketers is still the time to spend amps on utilizing the remaining budget. To take advantage of this opportunity and sail into 2022 with a well-oiled machine, B2B marketers should look over their account-based marketing approach (ABM) to see what requires an adjustment.

Almost every B2B marketer in the United States uses ABM tactics to market to leads and customers. But that does not mean that ABM is easy or that all companies have a fully mature ABM operation.

The biggest ABM challenges that marketers face – following a lack of resources – are poor alignment between marketing and sales, difficulty in developing target account personas and difficulty in predicting who is most likely to buy, Demand Gen noted. Report recently.

While the only solution to a lack of resources is a larger budget, marketers do not need a larger budget until they can make major improvements to their ABM performance. Instead, marketers simply need to fine-tune their current approach to improve insight, communication, and accuracy.

Use the following list of tips to get your ABM in shape for Q4 and beyond.

Learn from your best customers

Your current best customers are the foundation of what your ABM strategy should follow: the industries they fall into, the size of their employee pool, the job titles involved in the purchasing decision, and the relationship you have built with them.

If 80% of your revenue comes from a particular industry, take a deep dive to find as many companies in that industry as you can, regardless of size, location, etc.

2. Be open to new markets

Even if your best customers give you insights that inform your priority list, do not go into the primary market. Also experience your secondary and tertiary markets and leads.

Businesses will grow, employees will be promoted, and industry lines will sometimes blur. You can build your brand through insightful content and messages that are placed in the right place at the right time.

3. Time your outreach work

Yes, Q4 is a big spending season for some companies, but others have fiscal years that do not match the calendar year.

Look at cyclical consumption by customer and industry. Government, education, agriculture – many industries have predictable patterns.

Let the intention be your guide

The intention is fluid. Customers and prospects are starting to search for more information seemingly out of nowhere. Monitoring online alert signals can help you build a new ABM file every 10 days or so.

When the interest in keywords related to your product or service peaks, your leads are already (at least) in the research phase of their buying journey, and that makes the story you want to tell even more relevant.

5. Conduct competitive research

Learn about your competitors to inform about your own expansion and prioritization. Maybe they have a few customers who are starting to look for a new opportunity. They may have assembled their sales teams in new markets or gained significant presence in hot markets where you have typically been absent.

By moving into their lawn you can get new business.

6. Reconsider sales areas

It is easy to divide sales areas by region, but it is not always the most effective strategy. Some salespeople really know a particular industry inside and out, or they may be able to open another branch of the same business in a different city because of their network.

Consider reorganizing salespeople with the greatest opportunities outside of their home turf.

7. Feed your account team

If your teams of sales development or business development representatives can digest and work up to 5K leads per month, but your ABM list is limited and only allows you to generate 3K leads per month. . You may either need a larger list, or you may need to update your list more often.


Account-based marketing is widespread because it really works. It requires commitment and a bit of review, but there is almost always a new opportunity to get when you reconsider your approach.

Following a tune-up of the ABM strategy, even the most resource-poor marketers should be in good shape for the final push through the 4th quarter.

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