Squid game imitated by children on the playground: school in Sydney


Sydney Elementary School asked parents to ensure that their children did not watch the popular Netflix series Squid gamewhich depicts “extreme violence and bloodshed” as students mimic playground games.

Similar warnings have been issued by schools in the United States, the United Kingdom, Asia and Europe regarding a South Korean show that involves competitors in debt and playing versions of games on the field for life or death, such as a red light, a green light.

In Squid Game, contestants risk death to win cash prizesCredit:Netlfix

Only a small number of children attend school in Sydney, but tens of thousands will return to classes over the next two weeks after 16 weeks of distance learning, during which many had extensive and unattended access to screens.

Linda Wickham, principal of Dulwich Hill Public School in inner west Sydney, wrote to parents on Thursday that children between the ages of six and seven admitted to watching a series that is rated MA for adults.

Squid game it contains scenes that show extreme violence and bloodshed, strong expressions and frightening moments, which, according to him, are simply not suitable for children in primary and secondary schools, “wrote Ms. Wickham.

The program contains graphic scenes in which characters are forcibly killed while playing for financial reward. “The series plays an aggressive version of the famous children’s game, red light, green light,” she said. “This and other inappropriate content is negatively affected by games on the field.”

The principal asked parents to change their Netflix settings to prevent their children from watching the program and to closely monitor their children’s online activity.

“Violent language and aggressive behavior can be easily imitated by children, especially outside the home and in the wider school playground,” she said.

“Retaining your children’s ability to access inappropriate content … will definitely help ensure their safety and grow their minds to stay healthy.”

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