Jim Jordan: Yellen focuses on mother’s finances, but no interest in a joint account between Hunter & Joe Biden


In the middle of the new Hunter Biden a bomb report that a 51-year-old businessman who became an artist shared a joint bank account with his then vice president, Deputy Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, asked why Minister of Finance Janet Yellen offers an IRS plan to bulk monitor the transactions of average Americans worth $ 600 or more, ignoring these reports.

Fox News Primetime“, Quoted host Jesse Watters Daily Mail report that information about a controversial laptop allegedly abandoned by Hunter at a computer repair shop in Wilmington referred to a joint account between father and son.

The report stated The e-mails show that the duo paid each other’s bills, helped donate Senate papers to the University of Delaware, and that one of Hunter Rosemont Seneca’s business partners, Eric Schwerin, worked on Elder Biden’s taxes.


Hunter Biden he also complained that “half” of his salary went to “Pop” – as the alleged text between Hunter and his now 27-year-old daughter Naomi claims.

“I hope you can all do what I did and pay for this whole family for 30 years. It’s really hard. But don’t worry, unlike Pop, I won’t force you to give me half my salary. ” said the alleged texts.

Watters played a clip of Yellen defending her support for IRS policy, saying Americans already serve W-2s that use their personal IRS financial information, while “high-income individuals” have “opaque sources of income” that are not reported.

Watters asked Jordan if he believes that Bidens reports all his transactions to the IRS, referring to the payment of bills in the Mail message.

“I doubt it. But if I found out, don’t you think the feds could? ”He asked.

Jordan replied that Hunter Biden had been paid millions of dollars by Ukrainian, Russian and Chinese sources, and wondered if the funds were part of a reported joint account with Joe Biden.

“Ten percent for Big Guy – of that now famous e-mail,” he added. “Maybe the IRS could find out if they weren’t so busy checking what my mom spent on her bank account last week – that’s how it starts to go.”

Jordan continued, “This is the scary part. The left wants to go here. “

The Republican lawmaker called the democratic left a multifaceted effort to curtail the personal freedoms and autonomy of Americans. Continued restrictions of dr. He describes Anthony Fauci in connection with COVID-19 as “giving up freedom for the greater good,” noting that the Department of Justice will now seek to monitor parents at school board meetings.

“And the IRS now says that every transaction has $ 600 or more, we want to know about it. This is a scary place where the left is trying to take us, and of course involving the Biden together in this …”

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Jordan added that the White House continues to refuse to examine the $ 75,000 Hunter Biden paintings it is launching in recent days at the Georges Berges Gallery in Manhattan.

“He sold five of them – will they look into it? Or will they be so busy trying to find out what my mother-in-law spent on her bank account? I mean, that’s crazy. But this is where the left is going. It’s all about controlling and restricting freedom, and I’m very nervous about where they want the country to go. “

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