I think Total Energies is awesome


Total energy SE: “I like TTE. Good income, I like spinoff. It’s awesome. I’m looking for things like that, by the way. I also like Enbridge. Don’t forget. Same price, same income.”

AGCO Corporation: “The balance sheet is a bit better. They bought so much stock back, I really liked it. Now I’ll tell you, remember that if Deer has a long strike, AGCO is like Flynn, so I like the call.”

Pakar: “Packer is a great American producer. I love it. It’s a little friendly right now, I don’t care. I think it’s awful. I love it too. Cummins.

XL Fleet: “The XL Fleet is one of the worst things I’ve ever done. I spoke positively on the show, I turned them on. I spoiled it. I spoiled it. Why? Because everyone was excited about the hybrid. Me too. I value people’s money, and I I’m sorry. I wanted to do a better job, and I can’t try again. ”


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