Hendrix Lapierre scores the first NHL goal in the first NHL game


Breakthrough star of the training camp, Hendrix Lapierre, was a surprising addition to the schedule of premiere evenings. And tonight, in his first regular game, Lapierre scored his first goal of his career.

The first of many.

The Capitals opened the gate in the second period. Justin Schultz started the score with a power play and a moment later TJ Oshie set Lapierre for this reel target.

Oshie entered and served a backhand pass to Lapierre, who fired and fell to the ice in one nice hockey motion. Lapierre hit the boards, one goal in his NHL career, was picked up from the ice by Oshiem and greeted by celebrating teammates.

Just call him Happy Lappy because he couldn’t stop smiling after the goal.

When Wes Johnson announced Lapierre’s goal, Alex Ovechkin patted Lapierre on the head as he sat on the bench.

In the game were Lapierre’s girlfriend and a group of his family, including his parents, sister, brother and grandparents.

During the second break, Wayne Gretzky discussed Lapier’s milestone and the joy Oshie had when he saw it.

“What makes the game so special are the players around you, with you,” Gretzky told TNT. “Oshie has been in the league for some time.” You get the 19-year-old boy who comes to his eyes, wide open, he is so excited that he can play his first game.

“To score in your first game.” I played four matches before I scored a goal. When you can score in your first game, it’s pretty good. “

Lapierre is 19 years old. He certainly has a good future ahead of him.

Screenshot: TNT

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