Brazilian Bolsonaro says he will not be vaccinated against Covid-19


Previously, Bolsonaro – who has been entitled to vaccination since April – said that he would take the vaccine after the immunization of the last Brazilian.

“I have decided not to take the vaccine again. I see new studies, my immunity is through the roof. What do I get the vaccine for? It would be the same as playing a $ 10 lottery and winning $ 2. ”“ It’s out of place, ”he said on Tuesday.

Bolsonaro claimed that Brazilians have the right not to be vaccinated, saying: “For me it is (above all) freedom. If a citizen does not want to get a vaccine, it is his right and that is all.”

Bolsonar’s remarks come at a time when the Brazilian population is showing strong support for the vaccine. According to Johns Hopkins University, Brazil has fully vaccinated about 47% of its population, and according to Our World In Data, 72% of the population has received at least one dose.

The director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Carissa Etienne, said on Wednesday: “In Brazil, we have seen the impact of weekend vaccination attempts and vaccination champions to encourage all those eligible for vaccination. These and other tailored strategies will be key to achieving those we have not yet achieved. “

The battle for the 'dividers' in Rio de Janeiro erupted vaccine passports

At home, Bolsonaro was furiously criticized for his handling of Covid-19 and his long-standing reluctance to implement public health measures.

In September, the Brazilian president publicly disregarded a UN demand that vaccinations of foreign delegations before entering his headquarters in New York. Multiple members of his delegation later tested positive for the virus.
Brazil has been hit hard since the beginning of the pandemic with more than 600,000 deaths – second only to the United States.


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